SimplePayments FAQ about Online Payments for tuition and donations to schools and SimplePayments FAQ about Online Payments for tuition and donations to schools and
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How long will it be before I can start taking payments?

Can my not-for-profit company use SimplePayments to accept transactions other than donations?

Do you provide on-line Auction services?

How is the SimplePayments service different from PayPal®?

Is SimplePayments compliant with credit card industry security standards and are SimplePayments payment forms secure?

Does SimplePayments use the information it gathers from my payors?

Can I use SimplePayments if my school or organization is based outside the United States?

What payments can I process using SimplePayments?


Does SimplePayments charge a monthly fee for its service?

Does SimplePayments charge additional processing fees other than the fees charged by the credit card companies?

How much does it cost to accept American Express with SimplePayments?

Merchant Accounts

What is a merchant account and why do I need one?

Can SimplePayments set up our merchant account?

Can we use our existing merchant account with the SimplePayments service?

Funds Processing

How will I know a payment has been made through my portal?

Whose name will appear on our payors' credit or debit card statements?

Does SimplePayments hold our funds and release them to our organization at a later date?


How do I issue a refund or credit?

What is a chargeback?

What is a voided transaction?

What is a refunded transaction?

Can I issue partial refunds?

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